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shared blog
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

yep shared blog. do read and do follow


thnks, niteeeee peeps

PD again
Sunday, December 20, 2009

it's 6.45 in the morning, i can't sleeeeeeep as usual. hey peeps;) so, i've been away because i'm too busy and lazyyyyyy to update this blog. ohh and me my sis went PD with Shuttle's family. i have soooo much fun. it was a blast:D

and yess, i have another blog. i share it with my bestfriend Ida Sofia<3 http://whenwebothcantshutup.blogspot.com do visit;) so maybeee i won't update this blog because i'll update our shared blog. i'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy to lazyy to update both blogs.

soooooo, since i got nothing to write, just let the pictures do the talking alrightt?

shuttle gmok * dengki btl ^__^

hahha XD

it's not a masquarade night, we're celebrating aqil's bday

ft. danish<3

i hate this pic. but, he's soooo photogenic

ft. nyna<3

bengong -___-

freak and childish
Sunday, December 13, 2009

heyy i'm a twilight freak and i'm in team edward<3 hahha XD

i'm crazy and i'm haaaaaaaappy because i don't have to help my parents type and print names and address for my brother's wedding invitation card anymore. FINALLY :DDDDDD

errrrrr, .... ?

i'm so blur right now, i don't know what to write. i'm just so happy. hihi.

gtg, we're going to mcd to and eat ice-cream. weeeeeeeee~
i'm sooo childish, i know.

but who cares? i know i don't XD

byeeee! :D

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm not sure if i'm happy or pissed. well i'm reallyrealllyreally pissed. but, shuttle said : "next week kak miera blk eh?" yeaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! :D
heeehee. so i just got scold by my parents. grrrrr! do it yourself! i'm not a robot. HELL-OOOO! so the heehee is not for getting scold, but it's for shuttle :D and to all the SPM candidates.
so, that's all for now. my myspace profile needs a new look :P byebyee! :D

finally !
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

yep, finally! the moment i've been waiting for. i have watch new moon! wooohoooo! OMG! it's soooooooo coool. i really want to watch it again. seriously, for twilightsaga members who haven't watch it yet, well.. you just have to watch it!

on the same day i realize something. i realize that my bff is not that loyal, i think. well it is for me. at first, i thought it's okay. but, when she ask me for the tickets. it's soooooooooooo not okay. it's a good thing that i was in a shopping complex, because i nearly burst into tears. emo, but.. but.. we've been waiting for new moon for like since months ago. frist she cancel on me, okay.. :( but then, she wanted to go with someone else.

who the hell is your bff?
p/s : siapa yg terasa tu, i won't say sorry okay?

why oh why?
Thursday, November 26, 2009

hey people!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha :D poor SPM candidates. They can't really enjoy, SPMSPMSPM. NEWMOON is OUT NOW babyyyyyyyy! Gosh, i really wanna watch it. guess what? ticket sold out. yeah, wtf? ^________^ i've been doing countdowns since the date is set. grrrrrrrrrr! and now i am the one who hasn't got those damn tickets. ooh the price of each tickets is RM30. well, i really don't care about that as long as i can go and watch it. pokai pn pokai la XD dosen't matter. huh, since i got nothing to say, i wanna continue watching gossip girls and other movies that my sister had download. bybye! :DDDD



Monday, November 23, 2009

yaawww! long time no update. huh? haha. thought that no one would found this blog, so i didn't update my blog. and sorry Fellyssa because i said i don't have one. so what's the story? new moooooon! finally, another 2 days :DDDDD damn! i'm so excited. ooooh and i really miss my friends. school has come to an end, finally? ohh, this is the part where the f***ing shit incident happens. i'm so pissed because i left my new story book last wednesday. on the last day of school, i've been looking for that book, and i didn't found it. and the best part of it is, i haven't finish reading it. God! wait, i want to google the book.

ahh, here it is :

this is the book, well sort of. the cover of the book is a little different from that. soooooooooooo, for anyone who had found that book, please return it back to me. ugh, i'm dead bored! i'm gonna watch ADVENTURELAND on youtube. here's the link for : adventureland part 1 in case you wanna watch it too.

okay, that's all for today. byeeeeee! :D